Install a Free 30 Day Evaluation of Atomic Assessments

Install Atomic Assessments into your Canvas for a 30 Day Free Trial so you can evaluate it with your own content.

  1. Before we meet:

    1. Review an overview of what the install process will look like (we will send you a detailed document when you schedule to do the eval install and walk you through it when we meet):

      1. Verify that the inherited Canvas Developer Key named Atomic Jolt Installer is enabled.
      2. Create a custom Account role for "Atomic assessments migrations" with the following permissions:

        • Course Content - View
        • Manage LTI
      3. Create a user for Atomic Assessments.
      4. Put the Atomic Assessments user in the Atomic Assessments account role in the sub-account where you want to install Atomic Assessments.
      5. Login to Canvas with the Atomic Assessments user.
      6. Go to the Install link that we will give you for the install.
      7. Authorize Atomic Assessments to install into your Canvas.
      8. Choose the sub-account to install into.
    2. Choose a sub-account in your Production instance of Canvas where you want to evaluate it. Many organizations choose a sub-account where they are developing courses but don’t have students enrolled. We don’t install into the Test or Beta instance of Canvas because of the problems it causes.
    3. Please plan your trial for a time when you will be able to focus on evaluating it.
  2. Schedule a time to meet with an expert to install your 30 Day Free Trial. We need someone to attend the meeting who is a Canvas Admin with rights to:

    1. Enable the inherited Canvas Developer Key named Atomic Jolt Installer.
    2. Create a Custom Account Role for Atomic Assessments.
    3. Create a User for Atomic Assessments.
    4. Install the Atomic Assessments LTI Tool.
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